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Tableau Bitesize: Progress To Target

This is a quick summary post just to group together a number of other posts I have published recently. Rather than a single bitesize blog post – this is a group of bitesizes….I’m not sure of the collective noun…a meal? A mouthful?

Anyway, I had an idea that it would be useful to have, all in one place, a number of how-to guides on a particular way of representing data in Tableau

The first thought I had, and the one I ended up running with was ‘Progress to Target’ and that’s what this series of how-to guides is centred around. This is such a common requirement in almost all business dashboards that I’m hoping there should be something here for everyone!

I have published a viz to Tableau Public (below) which has examples of each of the types of charts and contains links to individual bitesize blog posts of how to complete these. Simply click on the arrows next to each chart type and you will be taken to the relevant how-to blog post.

I should also add that a number of these chart types I learned how to make from other resources curated by highly prestigious members of the Tableau Community, and have referenced these and provided links to the original posts in the individual bitesize posts, but if you think I’m missing anyone – please do get in contact with me.

I’m hoping to continue this theme and have any ideas to put together grouped resources, like this one, again in the future – if you have any ideas or suggestions as to what you’d like to see – please let me know by dropping a comment below or contacting me privately!

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This is a very neat and useful post, James. Looking forward to more.

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